Fan Cam - Sports Media Hub For Teams and Fans

Hubilo, as a leading webinar platform, offers a range of features designed to enhance the webinar experience, including customizable registration forms, interactive sessions with real-time chat and polling, seamless integration with other platforms, and advanced analytics to measure audience engagement.

The Challenge

When the Sporta team approached us, they presented a unique challenge: reinventing their sports media ecosystem to create an effortless content-sharing hub for both sports teams and fans. The aim was to establish a unified platform that streamlines the process of content uploading, sourcing, collaboration, creation, and distribution. Our team worked side-by-side with their engineers and executive to bring a highly collaborative partnership to life.

Our Solution

Elevating Sporta's media landscape, our solutions created a unified content hub, intuitive collaboration tools, streamlined content creation, integrated sourcing, personalized distribution, a responsive interface, and comprehensive user training. Working alongside Sporta's team, we reimagined their sports media ecosystem, delivering a transformed platform that sets new standards for content interaction and engagement among teams and fans.

User Interface and Experience

Embracing an app-like design philosophy, we meticulously crafted a contemporary B2B web interface. Our design seamlessly integrates content discovery, a user-friendly search bar, a versatile video editing tool, and an efficient tagging system for both internal teams and league users. The result is a platform where content uploading and searchability are effortlessly intuitive, enhancing user experience to the fullest.



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